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The best kept secret! In all honesty, I was hesitant to post about them because of how great they are!

I originally came to support a friend, but what I have gained is something more. I am one of those yo-yo diet/workout fanatics. I am either all in or a couch potato. I've done my fair share of workout classes, HIIT, crossfit, 25-30 miles of running per week and even weight lifting on my own (6 days a week four hours at a time). However, I have to say, I am probably in the best shape of my life without having to kill myself at the gym, and by kill, I mean killing a bunch of time for my fitness routine. I go here 3 times per week for about an hour and a half at a time. Completely doable!

Let me preface this with the fact that I am not a morning person. In the beginning I was a little shy, which isn't my personality, but when you're waking up at 4:30 am to hit the gym by 5:30 am, chances are you aren't super excited to be awake, let alone going to work out. However, the people in the class with me were very supportive and encouraging. I felt leaps and bounds behind them, but they were there to cheer me on, something I really don't know how to do for myself. The community is the best! They inspire and push you to work harder, but you must be receptive to the possibility of community.

In all the training I have done throughout my life, there is no place you can go with as much one on one training and support. They are there watching you and making sure you have the proper form, making corrections, and making sure you are focused and in the game.

They will change your life, not only physically but mentally as well!

Ashley K

What a tremendous community of athletes of all backgrounds and levels of skills and experience, all training to achieve individual goals while giving support to collective improvement. It's all built on the bedrock of its proprietor Ted O'Neill, a veteran strength coach with a mile-long pedigree who, as it turns out, uses weights to distract people into overcoming whatever foibles are holding them back from their maximum potential. 

This is not the shiny gym with the chrome equipment where people go to get sexy. This is the gym with iron and ropes and medicine balls where people go to build strength. And it turns out there's nothing sexier than the confidence that comes from strength.

Jon Leon

This is more than just a gym this is a community you join. I walked in broken from past injuries, child birth, and generally not taking care of myself. On the advice of a close friend I walked in and was greeted by Jenn. She listened to all my concerns, showed me the schedule and introduced me to Dr. Vitz to start me in the back rehab classes. Within a month and half Ted and Jenn started to ease me into their conditioning classes making exceptions for things that might aggravate my issues. Almost four months later I am a completely different person. I haven't had a back issue in months. I'm leaner and clear headed. I'm strong and confident. All along the way with the complete support of my trainers. When I'm feeling rundown and haggard from my busy schedule with two kids, work, and home life, they bring me back, center me and remind me how everyday I get better and closer to the new self I'm creating.

Do yourself a favor. Come in and see what you they can help you create for yourself and leave all your reservations at the door.

Ashleigh Hellfyre

I went into Diablo for one class back in January to check it out on the advice of a friend. I really wasn't considering to go more than once given the distance from my house and work and frankly, it just wasn't in the budget. Six months later I have upped that one class a week to two and now three and I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather spend my time and my money.

Diablo Barbell is not just a place to get stronger physically, it's a total Transformation Center. I started out thinking I would just be able to squat my body weight (strength) at some point and now I'm on a journey that involves better fuel for my body (nutrition) and more mindfulness in my every day choices (mindset). I've gained a lot of insight about myself and am learning how to put that knowledge to work in my life. The coaches at Diablo truly care about total well being and they live what they teach. There's never a day that I leave Diablo and don't have some new thing to think about, whether it's a new technique for lifting or a new way to approach every day challenges.

If total well being is a journey, Diablo Barbell is the vehicle.

Rochelle May

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